Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

We hosted a Cinco de Mayo party this year.  Hopefully we can make it a yearly thing because it was a lot of fun planning it and having it.  It is great because the decorations are cheap and the food is easy.  Both David and I served in Houston, Texas for our missions and we were both spanish speaking and so we taught a lot of Mexicans and so it was fun to celebrate like they do.  We had a little Jarritos for everyone.  These are really tasty sodas.  
Fun little mustaches for everyone.

We served beef and chicken tacos with all the fixins.

Nacho Libre came too:)

The kids were in heaven with the pinata. The parents were all going to have a heart attach by the end because the bat was swinging and kids were running.  Just a lot of yelling "Wait!" "Stand back!" "Don't swing yet!"

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