Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb 2012

Remember when I said Clara was so funny....well here is an example of her funniness.  She has been begging me to buy her footie pjs and I told her they don't make them in her size(just a little fib).  Well, she then discovered that she fit into Alvin's footie pjs, and then started to wear them everynight and during the day if she wasn't going to school.  One day before school I sent her upstairs to get her clothes on for school and so she went and got her clothes on and I sent her off to school.  When she got home she came inside and said "Look mommy!" and then lifted up her shirt to reveal that she had been wearing her dino footie pjs all day under her clothes.  Such a silly girl.  I then noticed that she looked a little thick all over and how uncomfortable that must have been all day, but she loved it and showed all her friends what she had done. 
On valentines day big lips comes to our house.  The kids are all a little scared of the idea that a big mouth with arms and legs is coming into our house, but they will take the candy and prizes anyway.  Whenever I describe Big Lips to Clara she say "OOOOOOO, Creepy!"  Big Lips came to my house when I was younger and I never thought it was scary so it is funny to me that they are scared. 
there is the note and a picture of what Big Lips looks like.  In the picture below I am at a concert of a band that my friend's husband is in.  I went with my brother because he is going to be the singer in the band.  He has been praticing with them and it is going well.  I can't wait for him to perform with them. 
Okay so remember my silly daughter? well here is a video of her doing the snake just like her mommy.  I use to whip this move out on the dance for just to be funny and so Clara wanted to learn how to do it.  It is so funny.  Check it out.  Although you might laugh harder watching to video of me doing it.  I look like such a dork!!!

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