Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nice Day

These are pictures of Alvin crawling around outside today. I liked how it showed how he is always on the move. He is loving being able to check everything out.

Off he goes again. He was such a good boy this weekend. I am always telling my in-laws how fussy he is and they came in town this weekend and he was perfect. They must think I am the biggest wimp if I think he is fussy, but I promise he normally is:) Let's hope he is in a new phase.
Clara peeking around the corner. Today was such a nice day to play outside.
This is at the play place in south town mall. My in-laws were in town so we ended up at the mall today, as well as playing outside, eating out, and going to the BYU art museum.

David and I at the play place. How romantic:)

Reid at the BYU art museum.
Clara and Jido (Grandpa in Lebanese)

Outside the art museum.


Katrina said...

Cute Pictures!! Looks like you guys had fun! You looked really pretty:)

Michelle said...

Aw - Alvin's looking older! These are such good pictures and I'm jealous my parents got to visit you. Love the picture of you and David! Miss you all so much!