Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Favorite Christmas Tradition

Every year since I was 7 years old I have made my mom a homemade gift. Most years it is some sort of doll, but on the years I have run out of new doll ideas I make something else. It is getting harder and harder to think of new ideas. And harder and harder to top the year before. I have so much fun making it. The hardest part is thinking of the idea. This year I made my mom an apron with little children on it that represent each one of her grandchildren. I love to see the look on her face. That is the best part of the whole thing.


Meaja said...

So stinkin cute Nabby!! I love that yearly tradition.

Jill said...

Cute apron Neemer!

Melanie Anne said...

What a neat tradition!! I love that apron! Did you use a pattern? I love it!