Monday, July 2, 2012

Like Mother Like Son

Reid has definitely inherited some of my genes.  He loves to create things.  And he does it all day.  Recently he has been making these guns out of paper.  He had a whole collection of them, but I forgot to get a picture and by the time I remembered they were destroyed by all the kids playing with them.  Anyway, here are 2 of them.  The bigger rifle one can cock too.  I am always amazed when he comes out of his room or our office with one of his creations.  His friends love it because he makes them all kinds of things.
Reid also looooves nerf guns and his newest thing is taking them apart or organizing them. (once again like his mom.  I love to organize) He takes them apart to either make them shoot further or to try to create new guns.   He took the 2 guns above apart and so now half is yellow and half is blue. One use to be all blue and the other all yellow.
Here he made some little boxes to hold all of his nerf clips. (has he been looking on pinterest??!!)
Here he made a box for his nerf darts.  Oh and I forgot he labels everything.  (Pinterest????)
This is his nerf dart box we bought him and he made a compartment in it that holds his clips.
Here he is taking apart one of his guns to try to make it shoot further.  He calls it a modification.  There were so many pieces in this particular nerf gun that he couldn't put it back together by himself and so Daddy had to help him which was a long process.  He might have learned his lesson after this one.

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