Friday, March 30, 2012

Alvin's 4th Birthday

Alvin turned 4 in March this year.  He is getting so big.  I have had to work really hard in parenting Alvin.  I some of my hard work is starting to pay off.  We have tried so many different punishing techniques and some have failed and some have worked.  He is at least starting to react to punishment.  Not always, but at least sometimes which is a huge improvement.  Even though he has been a challenge we love him so much and it is true what they say that the more you sacrifice for someone the more you love them. Alvin really knows how to be sweet too.  He always calls me "Mamma"  I love it.  He always says "Okay Mamma"  He is also always stopping what he is doing to come and give me a hug.  He laughs very easily.  He loves when I pretend there is another Alvin when he is being naughty.  I will say to him "who are you?" and he says trying not to laugh "Alvin" and I say "You're Alvin too??!!! I have a son named Alvin too. Maybe you guys can be friends."  And it usually gets him out of his tantrum at least for a minute.  I also have a hispanic accent that I pull out to try to get him out of a tantrum  it goes something like this "Why are you crying leetle boy?"  If you can imagine the voice.  Like I said I will try anything.  All I know that I hope his stubbornness turns out to be a positive thing when he gets older.  I really do love him no matter what. 
Chloe my niece has a birthday 3 days before Alvin so every year they get to celebrate together. 
This year we had Alvin's birthday at chuck e cheese. Alvin is the perfect age for it.  He loved it.  I made him a cars cake because that was his request.
Dancing with Chuck.
Alvin got to go in the ticket blaster as the birthday boy and is was the funniest thing ever.  He could not figure out to hold the tickets he had already gotten and then still try to grab more.  He was so proud that he could even get one.  Watch it is funny. 

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