Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentines day at preschool

Clara's preschool had a parent day on the day they passed out their valentines. Here she is holding up her valentine she made for me and singing the "skitter a dink a dink a do, I love you" song.
They decorated cookies and then ate them. I remember Reid doing this and you couldn't even see his cookie by the time he was done decorating it because he piled so many sprinkles on it and then he didn't even eat it. He always handed it to me after decorating it and said "save this mommy." On the other hand, Clara just decorated it a little bit and then enjoyed eating it. Just as I would do. Get to the good part fast.

Here she is singing again. However, Clara rarely sings. Every once in a while I see her say a word. I see her singing when I am not there through the one way window, but when I am there she gets shy.

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Michelle said...

Adorable pictures!! Wish I could have seen Clara in action. I love hearing little stories about her. She has a such a cute personality. I've been missing blogging, but need to get back on track. Seeing these pictures makes me miss you all so much!!! Alvin is getting so grown up, too. I love the picture of you and David a little lower, too. Miss you all - give everyone hugs from me. :)