Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Eve

This year we spent Christmas in Utah. Every other year we go to Arizona to spend it with David's family. We had dinner, nativity, and presents at my parents house. This is Reid and Clara wearing the glad plastic food covers on their heads. This is Alvin in his Santa suit again.This is Katrina and I with our babies. It was fun having others children besides mine this year. Here is the nativity. Chloe was Mary and here she is riding the donkey and my day was Joseph. All the costumes and animals I made last year for my mom for her Christmas present. It was fun to have them this year to use.
Reid was the wise man.
Clara was the angel. She loves anything with wings so she had to be the angel. She is always saying "I love fairies and butterflies." And now she will have to add angels to her list. She wanted to wear the wings to the angel costume all night.
Here they all are as a group. What a great cast! Click on the arrow below to watch it in action. It was pretty chaotic. Trying to get these young children to sit still through the whole nativity story is not easy. See for yourself:).

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Jill said...

Great wiseman costume!